Cookie Policy

The following Cookie Policy details how xBitcoin Club uses cookies. Read it carefully, as it contains valuable information about your data.


Cookies are a form of digital identification. When you first visit a website, its server generates a series of letters and numbers to mark you, which is sent to your device (personal computer, tablet, or smartphone). Then, the next time you visit the same website from the same device, these cookies indicate to the server that you have returned.

Cookie Usage

Thanks to their ability to identify individual users, cookies have several uses, making them an irreplaceable tool for websites. For example, data collected through cookies can reveal technical problems with a website or show which web page sections are more popular with customers. As a result, cookies help developers resolve technical errors and optimise web pages. With feedback like this, our team can make Xbtc Club run more smoothly and deliver a superior user experience upon your subsequent returns.

Aside from simply collecting data, cookies also enable some website features. For instance, remembering your login details so you do not have to enter them manually every time or providing auto-fill suggestions are both enabled by cookies.

Types of Cookies Used

You will primarily encounter three types of cookies on xBitcoin Club. Let us look at each kind in turn.

Essential Cookies

Also known as permanent, these are the most important cookies we use on Xbtc Club. Without them, this website will not function properly. Essential cookies help us:

  • Provide a smooth website experience to our users with as few errors and interruptions as possible;
  • Identify user behavioural patterns so we can offer content more relevant to the client’s needs and interests, improving their overall experience of the Xbitcoin Capex App website;
  • Link users to additional third-party resources, educational materials, products and services we believe might be helpful, including brokerages and trading platforms;
  • Present our website content in a convenient, user-friendly manner;
  • Offer time-saving services such as automatically filling in fields, remembering login details for future use, and so forth.
  • Google Analytics Cookies

    Though Google Analytics cookies are not essential to the running of our website, they can provide valuable feedback on site performance and are of great help to xBitcoin Capex Club.

    Their primary purpose is to identify more complex user behaviours and patterns. Through Google Analytics, we can tell what sections of our site are more popular with customers and what parts of it need work.

    In addition, Google Analytics cookies also give us a better insight into our user base, such as customers’ age group, nationality, additional interests, and so on. This type of information helps us deliver a tailor-made experience to each client that they may find more enjoyable.

    Rest assured that due to our agreement with Google, it is not allowed to use any data collected about you for its own purposes.

    Third-party Cookies

    Occasionally, XBTC Capex may hyperlink to third-party web pages in our website content. These include financial brokers, educational resources, trading software, and other related products and services that may be useful to our customers. These third-party websites use their own cookies that you may encounter on XBTC Capex Club.

    In addition, the cooperation between our website and third-party cookies allows the Xbitcoin Capex App to create a more seamless transition when redirecting you somewhere else. These cookies also contribute to our ability to customise your site experience to fit your interests better.

    How to Decline Cookies

    As we already explained, cookies are crucial for the proper functioning of our website. Non-essential cookies are quite valuable to us, too, as they can help us plan improvements and make xBitcoin Club a better platform for our users in the future.

    That being said, our customers are free to decline the use of cookies. This is your right, even though it would negatively affect your website experience and potentially lock you out of some services.

    When you first visit xBitcoin Club, you will see a pop-up message about cookie use. You can decline some or all cookies then and there. Alternatively, you can use your browser settings to disable some or all types of cookies. Bear in mind that you will not get the best website experience if you are using Xbtc Club without cookies.


    Xbtc Club reserves the right to make changes to this Cookie Policy and the rest of our website content. Sometimes these changes may come without prior notice to the customer.

    All changes take effect immediately upon publication, regardless of whether you are aware of the amendments or not. Make sure to regularly check the latest versions of all of our terms and policies.

    Questions and Feedback

    xBitcoin Capex Club remains open to questions, comments, and other customer feedback. Please navigate to our Contact page to learn how to get in touch with us.